Dog Days

The dog days of August are my favorite time of year. As a Southern gal transplanted to New England I find the heat exhilarating. As a cook and gardener I love being able to walk out into my back yard and pick my meal. Lunch might be cucumber and and tomato salad with feta cheese and fresh oregano. Dinner will include either green beans, broccoli or zucchini grilled with olive oil and fresh herbs. A new favorite is grilled corn and tomato salad with garlic scape and basil vinaigrette. Last night we had day boat cod with borage chimichurri sauce. The possibilities are limited only by my imagination!

That being said, the ultimate summer nosh for me is the lowly tomato sandwich. My summertime childhood memories swirl around this simple pleasure. My favorite way to compose this sandwich is with white bread (I know, I know), mayonnaise, ripe tomato and plenty of salt and pepper. If I am feeling fancy I might add some basil leaves or goat cheese or bacon. I have eaten tomato sandwiches nearly every day for the last two weeks and I am still insatiable. I intend to eat as many tomatoes as I can between now and the first frost because the winter in Boston is long and definitely does not include tomatoes!

Enjoy these warm days while you can. As for me, I am heading out walk in my garden.