Tackling Monkfish

Those of you who know me know that I’m a sucker for local foods– in the summer most of my family’s food comes from our own backyard. But as a locavore I do more than just plant tomatoes. I’m also a supporter of local farmers and fishers. A few years ago, I joined a Cape Ann Fresh Catch that allows me to get 2 pounds of fresh fish every Tuesday during the summer.

Though I can’t ever choose what type of fish I will get, I know that it was caught fresh that day and that the boats I support are using sustainable fishing practices. Plus, I kind of enjoy the challenge of pulling a meal together with a mystery ingredient.

Last night’s catch was monkfish– a fish I had never cooked before. I invited a few friends over for dinner and baked the monkfish with The Supper Shop’s Charmoula Sauce. I accented the main dish with an heirloom tomato salad and wax beans baked with garlic and rosemary. The whole meal was delicious. But the best part of the evening was seeing a friend’s photos from a recent trip to Spain. Now I want to get on the next plane across the Atlantic and stroll through the countryside!