Hives and Honey

The bees have been very busy in my backyard this year. Last year, my beekeeper friend Debbie Lewis put two beehives in my backyard. She reported that my bees were her happiest bees but it was the first year for the hives and there wasn’t honey for us. The bees survived the winter but after their first spring feeding one of the colonies collapsed. Debbie wasn’t worried and soon replaced the collapsed colony and added a third beehive. We were thrilled.

To make sure the bees continued to be happy we planted sunflowers and borage in addition to the perennial, vegetable and herb gardens we already have. Then we sat back and watched the bees. The bees leave the hive by flying up about 10 feet straight into the air before heading off. It is very relaxing to watch them come and go. On hot days they mass on the outside of their hives and vibrate their wings to cool off the hive. They cover every flower in my garden but could care less that I am working side by side with them. Know why? They are as busy as bees! They have one mission in life and unless you threaten them with physical harm they don’t even notice you.

Debbie came by to collect the honeycomb and assured me we will have honey for the winter. I am so excited to find out what honey from my own back and neighboring yards tastes like! This honey will be saved for special and be used to drizzle over manchego cheese, for honey butter, in honey ice cream and any other use I can think up. I’ll keep you posted!

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